Most of us think of three score and ten (70 years) as practically a full life time. But in the case of Jeremiah it is just a blip on the screen of the overall history of Israel. Jeremiah encourages the people that will go into captivity and have to deal with the pagan Babylonians to endure hardship. Why? It is because He (God) has a plan for them. He will one day cause them to return to their land precisely on time. I'm thinking about this today as I have been invited to return to Malmstrom Air Force Base for "Clergy Day". Who could have ever imagined I would be back here where I was once stationed in an entirely new capacity. This air-man, sky- pilot, as some chaplains are known, will go back to the base where I worked when I first came to know The Lord. It really seems like a whole lifetime ago. As the ole farmer would say a whole lot of water has gone under the bridge. But here I am realizing God had a plan all along. Thanks Mom for reminding me of this verse yesterday. Off we go into the wild blue yonder!


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