Our History

The congregation of Fairview Conservative Baptist Church, Seventeenth Street and Thirteenth Avenue South, held its first services, at 11 a.m. on Sunday, June 14, 1953, with Reverend Charles Stunell as pastor.

The church affiliated immediately with the Inter Mountain Conservative Baptist Fellowship and the Conservative Baptist Association of America.

Six men have pastored Fairview in its nearly 50 years of existence: Reverend Charles Stunnel, Reverend Glen Auer, Reverend Ernest Schwenke, Reverend Will Moffet, Reverend Ernest Humphries, and its current pastor, Reverend Richard A. Dion.

On July 9, 1967, Reverend Richard A. Dion was called as Pastor of Fairview Baptist Church. Since that time, Fairview has seen much growth and many changes, including: the bus ministry starting in 1970; the current church building was bought and re-modeled in 1972; Treasure State Academy was started in 1973; Fairview Christian Bookstore opened in 1973; Mountain States Baptist College began in 1981; and the bus garage was built in 1985. Fairview has also been instrumental in starting two churches - Heritage Baptist Church (1981)in Great Falls, Montana; and Valley Baptist Church (1981) in Belt, Montana.