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Video Morning Service

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Download Keep Your Vision  02-01-2011 (131.78 MB)

Keep Your Vision (Video Podcast)

  • Vision

Download Sunday School Christmas Program  19-12-2010 (97.6 MB)

Sunday School Christmas Program (Video Podcast)

  • Sunday School Christmas Program

Download Unknown  21-11-2010 (106.03 MB)

Unknown (Video Podcast)

  • unknown

Download what are the requirments  14-11-2010 (134.23 MB)

what are the requirments (Video Podcast)

  • Pastor Dion

Download 7 points to Lazarus  01-08-2010 (52.51 MB)

7 points to Lazarus (Video Podcast)

  • Pastor Dion

Download Dont Be Discouraged.  25-07-2010 (135.26 MB)

Dont Be Discouraged. (Video Podcast)

  • Pastor Dion

Download Triumphant Faith  25-04-2010 (133.25 MB)

Triumphant Faith (Video Podcast)

  • Pastor Dion

Download Witnessing is a Command  21-03-2010 (134.8 MB)

Witnessing is a Command (Video Podcast)

  • We should all be witnesses for Christ.

Download March 14 2010 M  14-03-2010 (137.28 MB)

March 14 2010 M (Video Podcast)

  • Pastor Dion

Download How would you like to see God?  28-02-2010 (105.03 MB)

How would you like to see God? (Video Podcast)

  • Darrin Highfill

Download Missions Conference Sunday Morning  07-02-2010 (119.42 MB)

Missions Conference Sunday Morning (Video Podcast)

  • Pat Creed

Download Satin's Lie  04-02-2010 (145.62 MB)

Satin's Lie (Video Podcast)

  • The Lie's of Satin

Download Your Choice  17-01-2010 (144.24 MB)

Your Choice (Video Podcast)

  • Its your choice to serve God.

Download The Heart — A Human Problem  10-01-2010 (101.28 MB)

The Heart — A Human Problem (Video Podcast)

  • Sin is unversal

Download Christmas Program  20-12-2009 (87.19 MB)

Christmas Program (Video Podcast)

  • 2009 Sunday School Program

Download The Gospel Incarnate God  13-12-2009 (133.09 MB)

The Gospel Incarnate God (Video Podcast)

  • The Deity of Christ

Download Christmas Story  08-12-2009 (94.67 MB)

Christmas Story (Video Podcast)

  • How to have the best Christmas

Download David Gibes  06-12-2009 (122.33 MB)

David Gibes (Video Podcast)

  • What to Do

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